My humble salutations at the feet of lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles.

Om Vakrathunda Mahakaya Suryakhodi Samaprabha Nirvighnam Gurumey Deva Sarvakaryeshu Sarvadha.

Hi all, Have you ever wondered the miraculous feat that a blank white paper has achieved. It has been part of the most important world-changing inventions and destructions, the white canvas have provided us with the most beautiful and exquisite forms of art, yet im not here to discourse on the luck or the feat attained by the white paper but rather what it represents on whole lot other plane. I love the colour white for it represents serenity and tranquility, and obviously sparks a lot of ideas in a brilliant mind, obviously not mine.

I come from a country where the religion becomes a way of life, where I was taught to begin and end anything and everything with a prayer and approach everything in a prayerful attitude( at least, that’s what the way of life says), from a country which is the most secular in the world, yea you guessed it, im from India. Lets get back to the white paper, that’s symbolic, India has been a spiritual country for the world, for everything related to India used to be spiritually inclined from time immemorial, its culture, rich wealth, all had a spiritual touch.

I’m here to discourse on something that the most of the avid readers are least interested in(yawn!! right?), by the way people  everywhere are addicted and respond more happily to tons of F words, lot of jokes or at least some puns, but im sorry you lot; the band of aggressive knowledge seekers (aggressive knowledge…hmmm , i like that!). This piece of paper , the white paper, is intended to the boring lot, who are calm enough to go through these boring known facts. So what about the white paper? serenity? the equanimity? whats the big deal?

What im about to dwell into is a topic well covered by people of greater qualification and far superior knowledge and intelligence, but something that is so complicated and always made to feel out of the ordinary, which is often presented with a supernatural aura, guys its spirituality. Spirituality? big deal!! we need to practice some meditation everyday, do yoga and live a vegan life, isn’t that what you are going to blabber on? Well, no!

So spirituality is different? Okay here is a fun fact , every human being is spiritual, its not something which is outside of you, it’s already there, whether you want it or not. The notion of going to places of worship for being spiritual is a wrong notion, but yea, places of worship do provide a vibe of positivity, but that doesn’t mean its the only place. Do you know what makes humans different from animals?;Inventions? creativity?  Well even animals are creative and inventive in their own spaces, but in their own capacity. But are animals spiritual? Well that’s a million dollar question, but according to ancient scriptures and stories hailing in ancient texts and personal experiences, the answer seem to be yes, yes they are. Do you have a living proof, well I don’t know, but I believe even they are. So what makes them different from humans? They can’t teach someone or have disciples and they can’t spread this inner light.

What then is spirituality? When you say everyone is spiritual. I’m not going for any Oxford definition, or any incomprehensible words, I will keep it simple; It’s a software of the mind when run in your system, makes your life happy, better, and more efficient. So I need not explain why spirituality! So if everyone is spiritual, all we need is just run the software, ain’t it man? but here’s the tricky part.

I was explaining to you India being a spiritual country , it’s culture , heritage etc. It’s also a very secular country , you can find all sorts of religious beliefs. So is religion what you need to be spiritual? Well if it helps you to be more spiritual,then yes. The Hindu religion in India is considered to be a way of life, it has more than 33 million gods(courtesy to Life of Pi). But now, it is far away from its values, its objectives. Similarly another strongly followed religion is Islam, for you should know Islam is one of the most spiritual religion, for the great Prophet Mohammed was extremely practical and far-sighted and laid easily followed rules to live the better way. The sad part is , this is grossly misunderstood, the religion is tarnished by the wrong doers. Another prominent religion with a rather simpler solution and more avidly, easily followed practice with greater reach for the spiritual goal is Christianity, no I didn’t mean you get that software of spirituality up and running if you are a Christian but their notion of religious practice, by devotion and love is what the humanity seeks for its goodness and longevity. Other religions like Buddhism and Jainism which are widely followed in India are often considered more spiritually inclined for the types of practice they ardently follow. But whatever your religion is you are above it. And none of the religion is above another. Religion is only a stepping stone if its helpful. And we dwell too much into it and is often misleaded or headed the wrong way.

Embracing  a spiritual life doesn’t mean that you lead an ascetic life. It’s all about your mentality, some say yoga and different poses,meditation and pranayama makes you more spiritual increases your spiritual growth etc, well they do. But they are not the only means, if you think you are spiritual then you are,like if u think you are a winner you are. So what you are saying is it’s easy to be spiritual and everything will be calm and easy when everyone is spiritual, then why are people not? Well my friend, that’s  because you are the very few out of the very few who started reading and reached till this part of my blog!

However you are, wherever you are, stay happy,stay blessed

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavntuh!


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