The first time I saw her, made me think she’s cute

The first time I spoke to her, made me realize she’s sweet

The first time I met her, her beauty mesmerized my mind

The first time I met her eyes, her eyes touched my soul

The first time I touched her, her touch chills down my spine

The first time I held her, made me realize she’s the cutest

The first time I kissed her, the world stopped for me forever

And for the first time , it will forever be first time with you dear♥️



Love is the nectar which once you taste, makes u crave for more

Love is the ocean which once you sink, makes you it’s tides

Love is the wind which once you feel, makes you fly

Love is the scent which when you smell, makes your senses wild

Love is the sound which when you listen, makes your heart cry

Love is the emotion which when you fall, makes you feel high

Love is the connection which you yearn, makes you go beyond pride

Love is her face which when you see, makes you joyous beyond bounds

Love is her smile which when you see, makes your heart beat fast

Love is her eyes which when greets you, makes the stars go shy

Love is when she lies on your chest, makes you feeling she’s mine

Love is what i shall do forever and more, to make her fall with all her heart❤️

To you my love for I have faith that one day I can give you butterflies.


The eternal bliss

Your scent, the most addictive fragrance in the whole world, the smile on the corner of your lips, the one that invokes the most joyous feel in me…. Your words, with a voice to soothe my soul… You are all,but mine…. Your touch more gentler than the gentle breeze, your magnetic beautiful eyes, bound to cast a spell on even the most charming lot, the look of which makes me skip a beat……. Your presence, the unattainable height of euphoria,which i crave…. Your hug like an ocean of warmth in the coldest mountains, your face lovelier than the most splendid full moon, your laugh which shames even the most star studded night sky…… Your love , my love, is eternal bliss…….



via Daily Prompt: Calm

The master  at work,

sewing with  lurk,

every movement slick,

every strand thick,

soft as couch,

yet makes you grouch,

a thing of beauty,

a theater of cruelty.

The bright dew drops,

masks the spiteful drops,

the wings that fly,

ends up  dry,

the more you heave,

the less you leave.

With all your might,

you feel more tight,

the one’s who are free,

emanates calmness in spree.





ps: a novice in poetry,please pardon me and correct me if im wrong, thank you folks!



partly inspired by ; Quirky Parts , much more magnificient than my piece of poetry!!by